Benefits of  UFB

What are the Benefits of the UFB programme?

Faster Internet for everyone! Once UFB becomes ‘mainstream’ it is promised that connection speeds will increase throughout NZ – whether you’re connecting at home, work or school, you should expect to browse the web more rapidly than ever before.

A Stronger communication infrastructure for businesses: NZ businesses are expected to experience an increase in their trust for the web and in turn overall productivity due to ‘fast, reliable internet’.

Rural Users benefit too: Although many rural areas will not have the means to support fibre cables, rural internet users are not completely left out from benefiting from this initiative. In cases where fibre can’t be supported, broadband with higher peak speeds will be made available.

What’s the catch?

Congestion: As UFB availability rises, so too will user internet habits – and the more people using the same service in excess, at the same time, will likely result in congestion of internet lines. The recent boom in online video streaming providers’ popularity in NZ (such as Netflix, lightbox and quickflix) has already started to show a shift in user internet habits as better connections arrive.

You Mightn’t Personally Benefit Anytime Soon: You may already have UFB and if you don’t, it may take a while. The roll out of this scheme has proposed to take around ten years to complete, with the first six years focused on high priority broadband users. Not to mention many urban centres will already have had access to UFB before the initiative was announced.

The moral here is that although the roll out of UFB promises to bring about many improvements in NZ’s current online infrastructure, it is also important to be aware of the potential implications that may come with it.

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