Why get Nextelle DSL?

When choosing a DSL Internet provider, speed, experience and expertise are essential.  Nextelle has been around for a long time and delivers quality and reliable Internet, home phone and digital TV services at affordable prices. 



Nextelle DSL:

Nextelle ensures customers always have access to local customer support. What happens when you get your home Internet services from a reliable provider like Nextelle ?Nextelle plans and pricing provide plenty of options for your household.Nextelle DSL gives you the broadband power you need to connect multiple devices without getting slowed down.

Call today. Discover which Nextelle bundle is the perfect fit for your home.


It's better when you bundle



Better Value, Affordable Prices

Nextelle offers DSL Internet, home phone and cable services. Pick which services best fit and build a Double or Triple play bundle. Plus, get a two-year price lock without signing a contract. You always know what to expect on your bill each month. No surprises or hidden fees, just peace of mind.


Get a Double Play when you add Nextelle home phone

Bundle Nextelle DSL Internet with reliable home phone service, and get unlimited nationwide calling and a two-year price lock. Talk to friends and family no matter where in the country they live, without dropped calls or a poor connection.


DSL Internet

DSL delivers high speeds and high-quality service. Everyone in your household can connect, stream and game without slowing each other down. Not sure if Nextelle DSL Internet is available in your area? Call today. Our customer service experts can help.


Keep your online identity safe

Bundle Nextelle DSL Internet and home phone – and add nextelle Secure options. Get the tools you need to keep your online identity safe and protect you from cyber threats and phishing attempts, with Nextelle Secure. Nextelle premier security packages add safety to your DSL Internet bundle. Help keep your online activity protected and ensure your banking and online information stays safe.

Nextelle Technical Support

Not only does Nextelle Secure help protect your devices when you get Nextelle DSL Internet, but it also provides technical support. A team of local based experts can answer questions or help with technical issues. Access Backup and File Sharing service from Nextelle to ensure your files and photos aren’t lost if your computer crashes.

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