Choosing an ISP

After you’ve checked the broadband map to see if UFB is available in your area, look at all the ISPs in your area and decide on which package – speed and data cap – you’d like.

After choosing an ISP, contact them like you would any other service. The ISP will contact the LFC which will be doing the installation. The ISP is always your first point of contact for any matters including technical support, but during the installation the LFC will be talking to you directly.


After all required consents are obtained, the installer will make an appointment with you to discuss how they’ll install the fibre into your home. In most cases, fibre will be delivered to your house in the same way as your current internet - for example, via an underground pipe or aerial cable.

If you’re in a shared situation, the LFC will make the fibre available to everyone, but it will only be installed in your home. To use the hose analogy again; everyone potentially has access to the new water pipe, but you’re the only one getting a tap put in.

When the LFC comes for the first meeting, you’ll discuss and decide where the optical network terminator (ONT) will be in your home and where the external termination point (ETP) will be outside your home. The ONT and ETP are the boxes the fibre goes into from the road.

The position of the ONT is important. Most people place them in behind their TV as this is the point with the most data traffic. It also has flashing lights, so keep it out of your bedroom.

Once everything for installation is agreed, you sign off the plan with the installer. Thoroughly read the plan and the installation contract. The installer will repair any damage it does but has limits on liability coverage.

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