Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to join Home Internet?
It does not cost anything to join. Only if the new line at the premisese is required then there is a cost.
Do I have to be on a contract?
No Contracts. We endeavor to give our customers the freedom and ease to be part of this terrific company. Contracts only applies to certain deals and packages from time to time
How do I sign up to Home Internet for the Line Rental?
Online , or over the phone , you can apply.
Will I keep the same products and services when I transfer my phone to Home Internet?
Most of your existing products and services will be available through Home Internet. However some services are not available such as Priority Assistance, Message bank 101 and Pensioner discounts. Regardless, our plans and rates are competitive and you may still warrant an overall saving on your monthly Home Internet bill.
What happens when I sign up to Home Internet Line Rental?
The transfer of your phone number to Home Internet takes between 8-12 working days. Once the transfer is complete we will send you a welcome letter confirming the completion of transfer and charges.
Does Home Internet have Internet Services.
Yes we are offering a great range of Bundled Internet packages including cheap ADSL2+ Plans and broadband deals as well as Unlimited ADSL2+ Click here to find out more
Does Home Internet provide ADSL2+ Standalone Plans
Yes we do. Click here to find out more
Does Home Internet provide ADSL2+ in regional areas
Yes we do. Click here to find out more about our Offnetwork plans or give us a call
How do I pay my Home Internet bill.
Home Internet provides Credit Card or provide bank account details for direct debit or cheques.
Can I set up direct debit with Home Internet
Yes with your Authorisation we can set your Home Internet account to be direct debited every month by the due date. (with Credit cards only)
What if I want to make changes or have any enquires about to my Home Internet Account?
Call Home Internet friendly Customer Service
Do you provide Naked DSL?
Yes, Home Internet does provide Naked DSL .
Are you a reseller or do you manage your own connections?
Home Internet manages all the connections and does not resell.
Do you support migrations, both to and from?
Yes almost all ISPs
What is the minimum contract length?
The contract length varies from no contact, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, this depends on the plan that you choose.
Is there a cancellation fee?
If the contract is broken within the commitment period, there will be a $150 early cancellation fee.
Is there a limit on the amount of data I can download each month?
Currently our Plans are all Unlimited and or limited see Fair go Policy
Do you count uploads towards the monthly data limit?
No, the only data we count is what the user has downloaded.
Is the service unmetered?
Unlimited plans are all unmetered; A fair go policy applies. You can find all our ADSL2+..
Do you allow customers to run servers?
Yes, Home Internet has no restrictions on customers running any kind of server on their own connection and bandwidth.
Do you accept payment, without requiring a Direct Debit option on the customer's credit card?
All ADSL2+ plans (Metro and Regional) are available only on direct debit through a nominated Credit Card or bank account.
Can you provide optional automatic "anti spam" blocking?
All Home Internet email accounts come with a FREE Anti-Spam blocking and FREE Anti-Virus protection.
Can I opt out from spam blocking to ensure I get all my email?
Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus options are applied as default, but the user has the option to disable those options .
Do you provide ADSL2+ Modem/Routers?
Yes Home Internet provides TP Link wired and Wireless modems.
Does Home Internet provide static IP?
Do you support Rapid Transfer or Churn?
Yes, Home Internet is a participant in the Rapid Transfer/Churn process which means you will be able to transfer your existing ADSL2+.
What network is Home Internet using for it ADSL2 Services?
Home Internet runs of the national network,
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