Getting connected to UFB

Hundreds of thousands of New Zealand homes and businesses already have access to UFB. UFB is currently available in all our cities and major towns, and by the end of 2024 it will be available in over 150 additional towns. You can search the National Broadband Map to see if UFB is or will be available in your area.

If the roll-out isn’t completed yet in your area, it won’t be too far away. Once the cables have been installed, internet service providers will start offering UFB packages for you to choose from.

Three steps to getting connected

There are three steps to getting connected to UFB:

  • agreeing to the install,
  • building the connection from the cable in the street,
  • and connecting up your property (you can get all of the information you need on this process from your internet service provider, your local UFB provider.

Chorus, or your local UFB provider, will work with you through each of these steps.

Cost of UFB connections

It is usually free to get connected, and your internet service provider will help you through the process. It may require digging a small trench from the road to your house or office, but like-for-like replacement will usually be done for free.

If you live in an apartment building, or down a right of way, under curent law everyone needs to consent to the installation. There is advice about how to manage this process, and what you need to discuss with your neighbours, landlord or body corporate, available from your local UFB provider. The Telecommunications (Property Access and Other Matters) Amendment Bill, which is currently before Parliament, will streamline property access processes.

A UFB service will usually cost about as much as your existing internet service, with prices varying based on how much speed you want and how much you use it.

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